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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bachelors (the) - Presenting:

Artist: The Bachelors
Album: Presenting: The Bachelors
Year: 1964
Style: Folk, Easy Listening pop
Similar Bands: Folk-barbershop
Based Out of: Dublin Ireland
Label: London ffrr
Presenting: The Bachelors Varient Cover Fronts
Presenting: The Bachelors Cover Back & Side 1

Presenting: The Bachelors
1. Diane (sample) 2.48
2. Whispering (sample) 2.20
3. You'll Never Walk Alone (sample) 2.41
4. Moments to Remember 2.31
5. With These Hands 2.31
6. Only You 2.10/
7. Charmaine (sample) 2.31
8. I Believe (sample) 2.00
9. Dream 2.20
10. If 2.06
11. Whispering Grass 2.10
12. Old Bill 2.39

Album Rating (1-10):

Members & Other Bands:
Con Cluskey (Harmonichords)
Dec Cluskey (Harmonichords)
John Stokes (Harmonichords)
Shel Talmy
Mike Stone
Dick Rowe - Producer

Unknown-ness: I had never heard of this band. But from the cover and the images on the back, I figured they would be something along the lines of the Beach Boys, or Jay & The Americans. Both records have the same songs and back, the difference is that Diane does not appear on one cover.

Album Review: At first listen, the harmonized voices clearly remind me of a barbershop Quartet. I tried listening to the whole album, trying to find something to really enjoy, something that captured that simple pop tradition of catchy verse-chorus repeat and fade out. But nothing like that should be expected, and has been not been found. On this record are very slow country-ish tunes, that thump along, setting a relaxed mood without pace. Like a slow Sunday drive, the songs take their time to hang in the air and float by in slow-motion. The vocal Harmonies are pretty, but to me, they are simply pretty dull. I suppose if I knew what to expect, I probably would not have purchased this record. Such is the gamble when trying to find new (to me) bands for a dollar an album. However, I still feel I should add that this is just because the music is not appealing to me. It is not necessarily bad (I mean, they were a better selling band in 1964 than the Beatles), I just cannot jump onto this bandwagon of music and enjoy it.

Stand Out Track:

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