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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Accept- s/t

Artist: Accept
Album: s/t
Year: 1978
Style: Metal
Sounds Like: Scorpions, Van Halen, Quiet Riot
"One-Word" Review: Classic-Metal
Based Out Of: Germany
Label: PVC, Jem Records Inc
Accept Cover Front & Side 1
Accept Cover Back & Side 2

Accept - 1978
  1. Lady Lou 3.03
  2. Tired of Me 3.14
  3. Seawinds 4.29
  4. Take Him In My Heart 3.29
  5. Sounds of War 4.35/
  6. Free Me Now 3.00
  7. Glad to be Alone 5.12
  8. That's Rock N' Roll 2.53
  9. Helldriver 2.40
  10. Street Fighter 3.28
Album Rating (1-10):

Members & Other Bands:
Udo Dirkschneider - Vox (U.D.O)
Peter Baltes - Bass, Vox
Wolf Hoffman - Lead Guitar
Jorg Fischer - Rhythm & Solo Guitar
Stefan Kaufman - Drums
Frank Freidrich - Studio Drums
Delta Studio in Wilster - Recorded
Rene Tinner & Manfred Schunke - Engineerers
Frank Martin - Producer
Fichtel & Sachs - Motor Saw giver
Jacques Sehy - Photography
Alster in Atelier Hamburg - Cover Design

Unknown-ness: I had not heard of this band, although after reading more about them, I feel I must have known who they were, and their logo looks familiar... although it looks like any other metal band's logo too. With the artwork of a "hot," serious woman, holding a massive chain saw in a very sexual position, then add in a little fog at her ankles, and you have a superb cover for a metal album. There was no question what the content would be. It was only a matter of how cheezy the music would be. And for 1978, I figured it would be rather genuine. Little did I know who these guys were, and how much they did for their musical genre. And here is their debut.

Album Review:Hard driving honest metal, that is what you are in store for here. To start things off, Allmusic says that this is not a good album, compared to their later stuff. I cannot compare this to what I do not have, but as a stand alone album I feel it is solid. "Lady Lou," the first track kicks things off with a fast driving riff. Squealing guitars speckle the background. As do harmonic vocals and a soothing ahhhhhhhh's, which balance against the shouting, (yet in tune) singing. A very catchy and repetitive chorus makes for a complete single and a great way to begin a solid album of metal. Without losing a step or pace, the album follows the basic template through "Tired of Me." After which, they quickly throw in their stereotypical one-off ballad (required by all metal records) with Seawinds. Somewhat like "Winds of Change," I could see many middle school dance halls echo this song where little boys' dreams were crushed, as gaggles of girls scurried away for punch.

Accept gets back on track with their driving, rhythmic head banging "Take Him In My Heart." Angelic backing chants in the chorus complete the track. In the third verse after the guitar solo bridge, we get to hear the high shrieking vocal stylings of Udo for the first time. A fake ending and one final scream and it is over. The last track on side 1, "Sounds of War" is darker, harder, and more sinister than the previous tracks. But it still follows the recipe of driving verse and catchy melodic chorus.

Side 2 begins with the best song on the album. "Free Me Now" is a quick paced (even quicker than before) shouting chant. I'm thinking of Stroker Ace from Ween's White Pepper. But the chorus of "Free Me Now" acts as the pit stop, slowing down the vocal speed to a harmonic chant, topped of with a twinkling guitar lick down the scale. "Glad to Be Alone" sounds like a Black Sabbath song, sinister and heavy footed. "That's Rock N'' Roll" sounds exactly like Van Halen. Perhaps it is a commentary about Van Halen, stating that this song , and subsequently VH's catalog, are Rn'R, not metal. Of course it is 1978, and not 1984, so perhaps it is just a sped up rock and roll song. At this point, Helldriver and Street Fighter feel redundant. They really sound like the rest of the album. But in this case it is a good thing, because, as I've said already, it is a solid from front to back and all the way through.

Stand Out Track:
Free Me Now

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