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Friday, February 22, 2008

Bunchofuckingoofs - Carnival of Chaos + Carnage

Name: Bunchofuckingoofs
Album: Carnival of Chaos + Carnage
Year: 1992
Style:Overaggresive Speed Punk
Similar Bands: Butt Trumpet, Gwar
"One-Word" Review: SillyellingHardcorepunk
Based Out of: Toronto, Canada
Label: Fringe Product
CoC+C cover
CoC+C inside
CoC+C CD + back
Carnival of Chaos + Carnage (1992)
  1. Da Bfg Cee 1:51
  2. Hogs of War 1:28
  3. In Dog We Trust 2:33
  4. Conflict 1:53
  5. Cmd 3:07
  6. Thanx But No Thanx 2:47
  7. Coke (The Real Thing For Assholes) 2:27
  8. Left Nut, Side Pocket 1:22
  9. Molded 1:15
  10. Aidsphobia 1:33
  11. Once Upon An Empire 4:02
  12. Profit Margin 2:31
  13. Destroy All Automobiles 3:21
  14. Alcoholiday Turned Alcoholocaust 2:43
  15. Businesscum 1:47
  16. Later 2:01
Album Rating (1-10):

Band Members & Other Bands:
Crazy Steve B.A.-B.F.G - 7:06-212- Vocals & Lyrics
Stompin Al Miller - Guitar
Baron Wasteland - Guitar
Maddog - Drums
Merrick - Bass
Thor - All Artwork & Layout (Armed & Hammered)
Chris Buck - Photo
James Stanley & Jeff Beardall - Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Tamed @ Umbrella Sound

Unknown-ness: I had never heard of them. From the cover artwork, they would like us to believe they are a post-apocalyptic dirty punk/hardcore band. From the name, they seem somewhat humorous. I was into Butt Trumpet around the time that I picked this up, perhaps in spirit that the cover seemed to display. The vulgarity and silly titles of the songs could be either well done, or ridiculously stupid.

Album Review: All the tracks are virtually the same. They contain self-proclaiming propaganda, that their beliefs are the end-all definitive answer to every discussion, without having to discuss anything. The instrumentation is metal/hardcore, with loud shout/chanting vocals with minor pitch changes to mimic musical hooks. At first I found the music + vocal combination to seem fake, like they had their idea that Joke-Core music would be fun to play and they adapted the personas to fit the created ideas. But after reading a bit about them, I believe it is authentic, against authority, beliefs and punk ideals. They struggled in their scene and they helped their musical community. This is to say, they have "cred."

Musically, "DA BFG CEE" is different, where it has segments of the music slow down from the driving, whaling guitars to a deeper shout stomp. And then, the song picks up again. This combination of slow and fast section makes it stand out as a more complicated song than the rest of the album. "Cmd" is a little more devilish and mysterious in its tone, as it is a slower driving grove. "Thanx" is a rejection notice to drug use song. The lyrics downgrade drugs, and paint a pathetic picture, showing just how glamorous drug use is. "Destroy All Automobiles" has a full minute of uninterrupted musical intro, and the message is very good, even though it is delivered in a silly, irrational ways. Uniquely, the song fades out. "Alcoholiday...' relives the struggling slide from casual, fun drinking into alcoholism. Musically the song staggers and wavers as the lyrics present a worsening addict. And the end speeds up, like the alcoholic found one final fix before ending suddenly and crashing.

Stand-Out Track:
Da BFG Cee

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