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Monday, March 10, 2008

"Stand Out Track" Listening Station @ IMEEM

I came across a myspace-esq site: IMEEM.com that allows members to post music to stream. So I've opened a free account there, and will post the "Stand-Out Track" of each album. I don't know the size limit to storage (or legality) on IMEEM, so I may have another update about my progress. I'll code each "Stand-Out Track" in the review with the IMEEM link for easy access. There is also a general link in the "Reference Desk" section to the right. Rememeber, most of these are recorded from vinyl (or tape), so there might be some skipping. There might also be a little cut off from the front, or a little of the next song in the back, due to adding tracks manually.

First Three!

A's - A's - Teenage Jerkoff
A's - A Woman's Got the Power - Insomnia
Accept - s/t - Free me Now

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