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Thursday, June 12, 2008

(The) Adored - A New Language

Name: The Adored
Album: A New Language
Year: 2006
Style: Pop-Punk
Similar Bands: Blink 182, Rooney,
"One Word" Review: Juvineile-Pop-Punk-Facade
Based Out Of: LA, Cali
Label: Sheridan Square Entertainment Inc.
A New Language - Cover, CD, Tray
A New Language - Inside & Back

A New language (2006)
  1. Tell me Tell Me 2:35
  2. Savage Youth 3:12
  3. The Queen's Head 3:01
  4. Ethical Drug 2:38
  5. We Don't Want you Around 3:01
  6. The Window 3:48
  7. Could It Be? 2:45
  8. Weak Spot 2:34
  9. New Language 3:04
  10. Hold Up! 3:09
  11. Less I Know 2:57
  12. Not Having It 3:31
  13. Chemistry 2:25
  14. Young Again 3:22
Album Rating (1-10):

Members & Other Bands:
Ryan George - Lead Vox (Carry On)
Drew - Vox, Guitars, Keys, Sax
Max Humphrey - Vox, Bass
Nat Keefer - Vox, Drums & Percussion (Carry On)
Dave Trumfio - Produced, Engineered, Mixed
Ken Sluiter - Add. Engineer
Harry Trumfio - Prod Asst.
Brian Big Bass Gardner - Mastered
Joel Lardner - Album Design & Illustrations
Ji Shin - Photography
Ryan Kuhlman - Logo Design
Janice Holmes - Management

Unknown-ness: A friend sent me a box of CDs. I went through it, picking out the CDs I've either never heard of or bands that I've heard of a little, but never really listened to them. This falls into the heard of a lil'bit. Reviewing these CDs is as much of a way to organize what I like and don't like as I listen to them as it is to add reviews for the blog. With the cut-and-paste collage of imagery on the front and the inside liner notes, I project them as being a dance pop emo band. The name and the album title reflect a stuck up persona, so I'll see if that translates annoyingly into their music (if it is not too late already for me to think about them in that way).

Album Review: The CD starts off with “Tell Me Tell Me,” with angular guitars, and pop punk shouting vocals. As the vocals come on the angular sound gives way to catchy pop hooks. It is a driving song that bounces along, especially in the chorus. Savage Youth begins with a standard drum beat, distorted guitars are added, and the bass comes in clearly. This again is a quick paced driving song, along the lines of typical pop-punk. “The Queen’s Head” begins with ocean & seagull sounds, and a very bouncy beat, similar to Green Day’s “Hitchin A Ride.” This song has more diversity in it that the first two songs. It is here that they try to be the Clash, and end up sounding like contemporary bands (the Futureheads). “Ethical Drug” returns with a driving rock intro, and it transitions into pop-punk, with a slightly edgy, angry melody. The song flows seamless into “We Don’t Want You Around,” which refers to people that they don’t want coming to their shows. It kinda feels like a Weird Al song, with the harmonized repetitive chorus of the title. “The Window,” feels like the little that I know of Cheap Trick updated to the radio friendly pop punk style of today. It starts out with a catchy bass and guitar hook. The song could have been recorded by Rooney. It is very catchy, none the less. “Could It Be?” starts out like a chanting European football cheer. It reminds me of some of Pansy Division’s songs: in the structure and the way it is sung. “Weak Spots” is a bass driven lighter pop song. This one sounds like They Might Be Giants mixed with Maximo Park. These guys are all over the spectrum of catchy pop. “New Language” has some second singer call back vocals, a popular effect for emo bands. But it comes across as a pop anthem. “Hold Up!” has fuzzed out guitars before a glass breaks, and ska-punk sprit is played with bouncy guitars and rough vocals. The chorus is very melodic. Again, this is a visit to the Clash’s style. “Less I Know” is a story-telling, sing-song, pop-punk song. “Not Having It” is annoying in how it is sung. I cannot explain exactly how the vocals are irritating, but they seem whiny in a very unpleasant way. “Chemistry” has lots of chanting in it, as if there were a crowd of people supporting the band, singing along. This is more of a pop-rock song, lacking the beat or pace of a punk song. “Young Again” is a bopping pop number, with piano accenting the chorus and quick drums and guitars supplying the pace.

There is nothing too special or interesting about the album. It is a good young pop-punk record that has its place in the Myspace and MTV2 markets, but really lacks any substance or meaning in the music. The Queen’s Head comes close to having a deeper sense of competence and diversity in the music, but it is quickly lost for the simple pop hooks and superficial Hollister brand of media.

Stand Out Track:
The Queen's Head

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