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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Dume - Inside My Head

Name: Big Dume
Album: Inside My Head
Year: 2005
Style: Dirty, Alternative-Rock
Similar Bands: Ours, Mother Love Bone,
"One-Word" Review: Park-Rat-Soundtrack
Based Out Of: Malibu, Ca
Label: Chartless Records
Inside My Head - Cover, CD & Tray
Inside My Head, pg 1-2 & back
Inside My Head pg 3-6
Inside My Head pg 7-10
Inside My Head pg 11-14
Inside My Head pg 15-18

Inside My Head (2005)
  1. Inside My Head 4:51
  2. Hit The Floor 3:56
  3. Only You 2:40
  4. Mexico 3:46
  5. Hummingbirds 3:49
  6. Antilove 4:57
  7. Hopeless 3:56
  8. Perfect World 3:32
  9. Vanity 3:21
  10. I Lost You 3:44
Album Rating (1-10):

Members & Other Bands:Chris Steele - Drums Percussion
Brandon Jenner - Vox, Guitar, Keys, Producer (Princes of Malibu -TV)
Leah Felder - Vox, Keys
Jorge Vivo - Co-Peroducer, Engineer, Mix
Jochem Van Der Saag - Programming, Sound Design, Arrangements, Keys, backing Vox
Bernie Grundman - Mastered
Joe Ayoub - Bass
Dean Parks - Guitars
Geoffrey Parry - Bass
Keith Douglas - Trumpet
Arron Arnts - Rhodes
Eric F. Galen - Legal
Erik Schafer - Production Coordinator
Fred Croshal - Marketing
Kevin Day - Sales
Bob Divney - Radio
David Orleans - Distribution
David Lee - Distribution
Marc Silverman - Distribution
Brian Porizek - Art
Andrew Macpherson - Photography
Josh Mack - Live Photography

This was another part of the CD mail package. I've never heard of these guys. I would credit the cover art to be cheesy 3-d computer graphics that scream a huge warning sign against the music. And looking at the pictures inside, the three piece looks like they are a sleazy, dirty band capable of playing anything from nu-metal to jam-band. Perhaps more to the jam-band side. And I understand the name comes from a park in Malibu, so that gives meaning to the otherwise stupid name (as I saw it, a conscious misspelling of Big Doom).

Album Review:
Track one, “Inside My Head” introduces the band with a whirlwind of sound and overlapping vocals, quietly replicating the sounds inside the singer’s head. It starts very quietly, almost inaudibly for the first minute. Then the style of the band becomes apparent: the grungy prog that is reminiscent of Ours, Muse and Jeff Buckley. The vocals are emotional and slightly distorted as well. “Hit the Floor” picks up with the dirty, skuzzy, calculated feeling. It is a slow tempo-groove, based in Blind Melon and the Singles soundtrack. The atmosphere creates is that of being in high school, hanging out with the park rat smokers around 11 on a school night. A clicking metronome overlaps into the next song, “Only You” which has an Eastern European style guitar, and a camp fire, sing-song tempo. This is a song that usually appeals to my tastes in music, but where I like an evil carnival mood, this is a carnival that is packing it up and moving on, not decidedly evil, but bare-bones and just working to get by. “Mexico” is a slow, sweaty, jazzy groove. Another visual song, I can picture a run down saloon full of cowboy regulars in the midst of a dust storm. The song kinda has a Jamiroquai feel to it. Of course I don’t know many Jamiroquai songs, but I assume this is similar. “Hummingbirds” again has a slightly Eastern European feel with an accordion sounding intro. That is quickly abandoned, and it becomes a steamy acoustic stomp-pop ballad. “Antilove” slowly fades in, like easing awake in a familiar bed. It is a mid-paced break-up song, aware yet happy, despite its title. There is a long jam out in the breakdown section. “Hopeless” begins quietly with a light xylophone effect. It is a sleepy ballad, actually feeling hopeless initially and picking up an erratic emotion after the chorus. “Perfect World” has a very heavy (but not loud) guitar intro, which carries on throughout. It is a very dark, vengeful, and spiteful song. Vanity is the first real song we get to hear the female vocals. The song begins with just vocals and piano. The vocal style is a mix of of Jewel and Nellie McCay. After a minute +, the drums, bass and guitars bolster the bouncy melody, and her voice gains power, similar to No Doubt. Over all, it is a cute, sweet tune. “I Lost You” ends the album as a quiet folk-country ballad.

Stand Out Track:


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