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Friday, June 20, 2008

Charlie & The Pep Boys - Daddy's Girl

Name: Charlie & The Pep Boys
Album: Daddy's Girl
Year: 1976
Style: Southern/Pub Rock
Similar Bands: Rolling Stones, Mooney Suzuki, J Geils Band
"One-Word"Review: Dirty 70's Rock
Based Out Of: Washington DC?
Label: A&M
Daddy's Girl - Cover & Record
Daddy's Girl - Back & Record

Daddy's Girl (1976)
  1. Daddy's Girl - 3:21
  2. Right as Rain - 3:16
  3. Still Thiniing About You 4:07
  4. Seven Come Eleven 3:58
  5. Give Me More 3:29/
  6. Give Her Up 3:27
  7. Walk Out 4:04
  8. Dispair 3:07
  9. Lara 3:16
  10. The Storm Has Passed 4:22
Album Rating (1-10):

Members & Other Bands:
Alan Adkins - Guitar
Bobby Manriquez - Guitar
Charles Woods Pearson - Vocals
Craig Ryan - Trumpet
Lefty Potomac - Keys, Backing Vox
Michael Shear - Sax
Michael Zack - Drums
Michael Stern - Guitar
Rolf Hanson - Bass
Nils Lofgren - Producer
Art Linson - Exec Producer
Gart St. Clair - Backing Vox
Bob Dawson - Engineer
Roland Young - Art Direction
Junie Osaki - Design
John Cabalka - Design
Steve Silverstein - Photo Front
Flag Studios - Photo Back

Unknown-ness: I had never heard of these guys. From the cover, I wanted to buy the album. It looks extremely low budget, like a juvenile inside joke that just comes off zany or wacky to those who aren’t in the know. But there is an energy in the choice of imagery in the cover. The filthy old man smirk with ice cream for the inflatable doll, is properly titled, (and doubles as the album title) DADDY’S GIRL. But the back imagery shows an all-business rock band, in leather jackets and long hair, and they leave all the joking on the cover, showing that there are (literally) two sides to the band.

Album Review: The first song “Daddy’s Girl” shows the band trying to sound like the Rolling Stones, especially in the vocal style. The exception is that they add a saxophone to their rock and roll style. It is an energetic first track, where you can almost see the high leg kicks and over exaggerated emotional expressions. A drum lick and spacey guitar effect start off Right as Rain. This follows suit as another rocking song, but it lacks the energy in the title track. Even its whining guitar solo cannot pick up the flatness and lack of energy of the vocals. “Still Thinking About You” has a light island-feel. It is easy listening 70’s rock, more Air Supply than the Stones. “Seven Come Eleven” features the sax again prominently in the beginning. Then the song bounces into a strong pop song through its guitar hook, and light Jagger-esq vocals. Unfortunately the Sax makes the song too light jazzy for my taste and ruins the otherwise good song. “Give Me More” is back to the southern bluesy rock formula in the first two tracks with wailing guitars, and a tinkling piano.

“Give Her Up” starts Side B with a dirty pub rock-pop song. But the song blossoms into a good pop song with the repetitive title, and fun melody. “Walk Out” is a choppy song, the musical pieces don’t feel like they fit together completely at first, but they come together in something of a psychedelic bridge into the chorus. “Despair” starts off with a near dance groove, but the guitars come in mimicking a steel drum, creating the island sound again. The song remains bouncy, but the vocals accent comes off somewhat silly. It is a very upbeat song for a depressing subject like despair. “Lara” is not the typical about-a-girl-ballad that most albums from the 70’s aimed for. It has more character, and depth than a sad story of longing for an unattainable girl. This song poses the storyteller as being comfortable, because he is actually with Lara. “The Storm Has Passed” is a swaying, waltzing paced song. This is the slow-dance ballad on the album, full of soul and gospel style vocals and a church organ. This is a Gospel Blues Ballad.

Stand-Out Track:
Daddy's Girl

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  1. The album is produced by Nils Lofgren, probably best known from e-street band and with Neil Young. This was Mr. Lofgrens first producer job. Nils also plays keyboards on the album, he is listed as Lefty Potomac

  2. Steven Lewis5/25/12, 11:04 PM

    I knew this band back when I worked in Georgetown, DC. Charlie's band played regularly in one club I worked, JJ's Apple Pie. Nils used to frequent another club I worked, The Crazy Horse. I own this album. Charlie was a fan of Jagger and his style shows it. Charlie, so far as I knew, was bi-sexual, and always had good looking women with him. His version of Route 66 was great! Damn, what memories this brings back!

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      I've never heard this album.
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