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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DFX2 - Emotion

Name: DFX2
Album: Emotion (EP)
Year: 1983
Style: New Wave Rock
Similar Bands: A's, Daddy Licks, Clash, Jam,
One-Word-Review: Rhaspy-Stomp-Rock
Based Out Of: San Diego, Ca
Label: MCA
Emotion - Cover & Record
Emotion - Back & Record

Emotion - (1983)
  1. Emotion - 4:54
  2. No Dough - 3:36
  3. Maureen 4:14/
  4. Down to the Bone - 4:03
  5. Something's Always Happening 4:08
Album Rating (1-10): 6.0

Members & Other Bands:
Douglas Farage - Vox, Rhythm Guitar (Mojo Nixon, Beat Farmers, Pleasure Barons, Country Dick Montana)
David Farage - Vox, Lead Guitar (Mojo Nixon, Beat Farmers, Pleasure Barons, Country Dick Montana)
Frank Hailey - Drums
Eric Gotthelf - Bass
Howard Steele - Mixed, Produced, Engineer
Jon Scott - Producer, Asst Mix
Jim Blake - Producer, Asst Mix
Leon Tsilis - Exec Producer MCA Records
Jerry Allaer - Asst Engineer
Richard Barcellona - Asst Engineer
Jerry Peterson - Guest Sax
Ferris Ashley Managment - Direction
Katie Schreyer - Art Direction & Design
Frank Laffitte - Photography
Larry Dupont - Handtinting

Unknown-ness: I did not know who these guys were. From their dress on the cover, they look like a typical new wave rock band, akin to the A's, Cars, etc. 1983 puts it a little later than the best of the genre, but it is only a 5 song ep, so it can't be too bad, and all in all, potentially great.

Album Review: Track one is “Emotion” one of two songs that they made videos for. Also taken as the EP’s name, this is their supposed single. It sounds a little like the Jam, or the Clash, with a catchy bass line and staggered guitar hooks. His vocals work well here. They are a little on the high side, mostly spoken rather than sung, but the song is very catchy. It slowly builds in energy, and moves from post-punk to new wave rock very well. The only downfall is that it is a little too long and meandering in its finish. “No Dough” shows the vocals in a much more annoying light, as he talks through his dialogue. It starts with the spoken vocals over a musical reflection. The drumstick click-click count from the drummer starts the song into its garage band style bass and minimally used guitar. The music is simple and fun, but the shrillness in the vocals take too much away from this song that it comes across like the icky feeling of touching velvet. The annoying vocals are continued into their next single, “Maureen.” The chorus is catchier than “No Dough”, but the vocals leave much to be desired. The music is similar to Emotion, with its simple Clash-like bass and guitar production. The saxophone stands out in a good way on the track, adding to the emotion and depth to the song. “Down to the Bone” feels like later new wave material, like Duran Duran, or with their familiar guitar sound. The spoken vocals are not as shrill, and his bit of emotion in the chorus is palatable. Musically, the song is made up in little sections, with a continue driving drum and bass line. The sax comes back here with appropriate usage again. It is a toe-tapping good song; it just feels like it lacks a little something to push it over the top. “Something’s Always Happening” sounds a lot like “Pretty in Pink” in the beginning: the guitar behind the saxophone sounds nearly identical to PIP’s hook. His vocals are not too over the top, and they have seemed to fine a happy, comfortable middle ground.

Overall the record is not bad. It is great musically, and has a lot to offer. But as vocals are a big thing with me, the bulk of this album features a style that is just beyond my appreciation, and sounds downright annoying half of the time. I’d be interested to hear their other EP, but as for this one, it is only so-so new wave rock.

Stand-Out Track:

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