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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Die Kreuzen - s/t

Name: Die Kreuzen
Album: s/t
Year: 1984
Style: Speed Punk
Similar Bands: (i don't know, but from the interweb:) Husker Du, Minor Threat
"One-Word" Review: Intense-Yell-Core
Based Out Of: Milwaukee, Wisc.
Label: Touch And Go
Die Kreuzen - Cover, Insert & Record
Die Kreuzen - Back, Insert & Record

Die Kreuzen (1984)
  1. Rumors 1:51
  2. This Hope 1:10
  3. In School 1:24
  4. I'm Tired 0:54
  5. On The Street 1:33
  6. Enemies 0:59
  7. Get 'Em 0:59
  8. Fighting 0:36
  9. No Time 1:19
  10. All White 3:39/
  11. Pain 1:06
  12. Sick People 2:18
  13. Hate Me 0:48
  14. Live Wire 1:48
  15. Not Anymore 1:01
  16. Mannequin 1:15
  17. Fuckups 1:12
  18. Think For Me 1:42
  19. Dirt & Decay 1:15
  20. Don't Say Please 1:04
  21. No Name 1:32
Album Rating (1-10): 5.0

Members & Other Bands:Dan Kubinski - Vox
Keith Brammer - Bass (Crime & Judy, Wreck)
Herman Egeness - Guitar
Erik Tunison - Drums
Corey Rusk - Produced
Rick Canzano - Engineered
Richard Kohl - Cover Art, Artwork & Management

I've almost certainly heard of Die Kreuzen before, but I did not know what they sounded like at all. I assumed they were Hard Core or Punk, just from the circles of “friends” I think I heard their name mentioned from, but all of this could be imaginary. Anyway, the imagery on the cover is awesome. It is very monstrous and industrial. The glowing skeletal creations attached to tank rudders under power lines are beautiful. The simple yellow black and white color scheme screams apocalypse. But the pictures on the insert kinda give it away that they will be a high energy hard core punk band. But seeing as it is from 1984, it should be fantastic and very listenable.
Album Review: “Rumors” starts off the record with fast bass and yelling lyrics. Not quite screaming, but almost. The guitar wails from behind. A slight pause in the music, and the musical onslaught comes back full force. “This Hope” is the next fast punk musical song. “In School” mixes the pace up with some different rhythms and tempos, but still comes full on. “I'm Tired” is an even quicker bass attack, with squealing guitars and the same shouting vocals. “On The Street” is a more marching song in pace, which switches to the same ridiculous fast melody after 40 seconds. “Enemies,” “Get 'Em,” and “Fighting” are less than a minute songs, with all the musical energy and yelling vocals of a machine gun. “No Time” is more musical than before, with guitar sections standing out , and choppy rhythms, which almost sound like a skipping record. The album finishes off the first side with the lengthy 3.39 minute “All White.” It starts with a threatening yet mysterious bass and guitar intro, the song staggers along with the screeching vocals overlapping the stomp groove, as it slows down to the a false ending, like someone switched off the power to the record. It then starts back up for the last 30 seconds and picks up pace and speed until it explodes with a fury of vocals and fast guitars.

This is really tough to review! As these songs all sound very similar upon first listen, they fly by in such short time spans that they are over as I have a second to write about them. And I run out of adjetives pretty quickly when the guitars, bass and vocals all sound similar…I’d probably have better luck reviewing the album as a whole, after repeat listens, as opposed to my usual track by track review. “Pain” begins with shrieking guitars, the literal musical interpretation of pain. The guitars bass and drums kick in along with the yell-singing. Pain blends right into “Sick People” with slow melodic guitar plucking. Then the shredding picks up, and drives through the end of the song. These songs must have been amazing live, as there is so much energy here, I could only imagine a performance. “Hate me” is introduced with the bass and the three note tempo never changes through out. “Live Wire” feels a little like Helmet’s big hit “Unsung” in one small section. “Not Anymore” is counted off by drum stick clicks, and is, well, more of the same. “Mannequin” starts off musically, with chord changes and noticeable musical structure, different from what has come before it. “Fuckups” has a rattling bass intro, and launches into the volatile musical combo, carried mainly by the drums here. “Think For Me” starts out as a slow, angry march but after 35 seconds, it is abandoned for the more familiar restless aggression. “Dirt & Decay” features a very fast section of percussion and guitars teaming up. Oh, its all very angry. After three notes, “Don't Say Please” rushes, like blood to the surface after a skin puncture to a major artery…but that could be said about all these tracks. “No Name” unceremoniously ends the album with three heavy chord changing and un-rhythmic yelling. The final ending is just a drop off of sound.

Stand Out Track:


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