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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fire Deuce - Children of the Deuce

Name: Fire Deuce
Album: Children of the Deuce
Year: 2005
Style: Screech-Metal
Similar Bands: Megadeath, Guns N Roses
"One-Word" Review: Halloween Hairband
Based Out Of: New York, NY
Label: CI records, Lumberjack Mordam Music Group

Children of the Deuce - Cover & Back

Children of the Deuce - Inside & CD
Children of the Deuce (2005)
  1. Children of the Deuce 4:32
  2. Fast Food and Fornication 2:47
  3. Victory 3:33
  4. Keep it Steel 3:34
Album Rating (1-10): 4.0

Members & Other Bands:
J.E. Deuce (Joey Eppard) - Guitars, Bass, Vox, Mixed, prodeuced (Three, Math)
Cleveland Stever (Travis Stever) - Vox, Guitar, Bass (Coheed and Cambria)
Deuce Freely (Billy Riker) - Guitar, Bass (Three, Math)
Gart Deuce (Chris Gartman) - Drums (Three)
Clyde Dirty Deuce (Claudio Sanchez) - Honks on the Harp, Vox (Coheed and Cambria)
Deuce Newton (Josh Eppard) - Drums (Weerd Science, Coheed and Cambria, Three)
Deuce Shishkabob (Mark Schiskie) - Trumpet
Dom Della Deuce (Joe Stote) - Keys

Unknown-ness: I never heard of these guys. I don’t remember exactly why I bought this record, except that it was for a dollar in an Amoeba music bin. Perhaps I liked the name Fire Deuce. Perhaps it was because of the art work, which looks like a Victorian castle’s velvet wallpaper print. Either way, there are only 4 songs on it, so I doubt I bought it for the titles. I think I expected it to be some kind of eastern European style music, perhaps from the picture on the front.

Album Review: “Children of the Deuce” starts off the ep with bells ringing and staggered metal rhythm guitars. The vocals are gruff and fake-deep…like they are really trying to be deep. Then they transform to Axl Rose style vocals. The chorus is actually pretty good, following the staggered start/stop style. There is a silent lucidity section, and yell-screeching vocals over the driving guitar and drums repeating the chorus and album title. Half of the song is pretty good, but the jokey metal side (as I’m sure is just trying to bring some humor to the song) kinda makes it drag its feet. “Fast Food and Fornication” features a nice driving guitar and complimentary horn section. But the metal high pitch vocals are not to my tastes. There is a chorus of female backing vocals which would make the song stand out if it weren’t for the soaring (and ear soreing) vocals. “Victory” is a more 80’s rock driving song, and feels more at home with the shrieking vocals. And in this song, they drop their own band name. It is not bad for the genre, but I’ve read that these guys, a spin off of Coheed & Cambria (whom I’m not familiar with) made this as a kind of tongue in cheek project. So it is meant to exemplify the specific aspects of metal. And in this case it involves unintelligible voice cracking. “Keep it Steel” has a bit of a progressive (which is another aspect that these guys pull from their main projects for this side project) bass and guitar work in the beginning, and it repeats throughout the song. There are some high vocal attempts, but they are never nailed, perhaps on purpose? Metal guitars rumble and scale throughout the end of the song, which finishes off with a jungle-rhythm percussion solo.

Stand Out Track: Fast Food & Fornication

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