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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friction - Dancing Now

Name: Friction
Album: Dancing Now (4 song EP)
Year: 1984
Style: New Wave Reggae-Punk
Simialr Bands: Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, Police, Alan Mann Band, The Planets, The Clash
"One-Word" Review: Nasal-Punk-Style-Sampler
Based Out Of: Lewistown, PA
Label: Esoteric
Dancing Now - Cover, Insert, Record
Dancing Now - Back, Insert, Record

Dancing Now (1984)
  1. Dancing Now 3:52
  2. White Man / Black Man 3:39
  3. Chainsaw 3:28
  4. Musical Chairs 3:39
Album Rating (1-10): 7.5

Members & Other Bands:
Chris Matthews - Vox, Guitar, Congas (Caesar Pink & The Imperial Orgy)
John Whiteman - Drums, Congas Percussion (Otis Vanilla and Sex Machine)
John Mertz - Bass, Percussion (Otis Vanilla and Sex Machine, Little Chicago Band, CP&TIO)
Joe Martin - Guitar, Backing Vox, White Noise
Bob Anderson - Producer, E-Bow Guitar
Steve Wirt - Chainsaw, Crew
Dave Baker - Engineer
Denis Aumiller - Art Direction & Photography
Mark Stoner - Graphic Design
Ric Crozier - Crew
Dan Miller - Crew
S.R. Weiland - Management, Asst Coordinator
Steve Cornwell - Art & Pressing Coordinator
Don Grossinger - Mastering

I never heard of these guys. But I can guess that they are a typical new wave rock band from their outfits, posing and tri-tone color scheme on the cover. The angular art work, energetic names and rock photos on the back also complete the picture. It is only a four song EP, but as this has all the characteristics I look for in a record, I’m sure it will be well worth the dollar.

Album Review: “Dancing Now” starts with a rhyme scheme spoken word, and then launches into the new wave–reggae beat, with a nasally Elvis Costello / Graham Parker vocal style. Maybe even a little Dire Straits when it hits the verse. It fits neatly in with those names as well as locals The A’s and the Alan Mann Band. It’s hard to imagine this came from central PA. “White Man/Black Man” brings the dancing pace up from the hypnotic beat to a driving new wave beat. A buzzing guitar is in the fore front, and the vocals are a more neurotic nasally adventure, and the rhythm guitar is sparingly used and is in perfect time with the drum beat. It reminds me of a speedier version of “The Fruit Man” by Ween. “Chainsaw” is an angular song, not quite as jarring and disjointed as Gang of Four, but it is trying. The whiny and nasally voice, with a pseudo British accent suits the song well. If this song were produced ten years later, it would sound like Animal Bag. “Musical Chairs” ends the brief visit to Friction land with a fuzzed choppy guitar in the beginning, and the nasally, liquid fast-sung vocals. A stomping rhythm takes the place of the last song’s driving beat. The song quietly winds down with the repetitive chorus and with a consistency of a skipping record

Stand-Out Track: Dancing Now (live 2010)


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