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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heptics - Little Girl

Name: Heptics
Album: Little Girl
Year: 1980
Style: Reggae
Similar Bands: ????(not really my knowledge base)
"One-Word" Review: Chilled-Out-Lounge-Reggae
Based Out Of: London, England
Label: D-Roy Records 

Little Girl - Cover & Record

Little Girl - Back & Record

Little Girl (1980)
  1. Lost & Turned Out 4:30
  2. Mind Blowing Decision 7:34
  3. I've Got Love 4:36 /
  4. Little Girl 4:30
  5. Somebody Loves You Back 3:58
  6. Tell Me Why 3:52
  7. Natural Woman 4:30
Album Rating (1-10): 5.0

Members & Other Bands:Paul Dawkins - Lead Vox, Percussion, Harmonica (Tradition, Shams, Sly & Robbie, Delroy Wilson, Reloaded)
Paul "Echo" Thompson - Vox, Organ, Piano, Synthesizer (Tradition, )
D. Witter - Arrangement, Mixed, Engineered, Producer, Photo, Editing
Patches - Mixed, Engineered
Pete Hammond - Mixed, Engineered
Angus Gay - Drums
C Lashley - Rhythm Guitar
George Oban - Bass
Dave Lugay - Bass
Tony Gad - Organ
Mrs. Hassell - Editing

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of these guys. But I bought the record in a bin of dollar records, mainly because of the cover. The name of the band, The Heptics sounded like a band full of energy. And although the two guys on the cover look stoned out of their heads, I thought that the energy would be pretty intense. The darkness on the cover, combined with the comfortable energy on the back of a family playing in a river was more than I could pass up to see what it contained. I am expecting it to be an R&B soulful record, as that seemed to be the running theme of the rest of the records I was flipping through when I found this.
Album Review: As it turns out, this is a slow reggae album from 1980. Unfortunately, I did not look at the condition of the record, but the whole side 2 skipped throughout. I’m still gonna try to review it, but be it known that the side two songs play at about half the length as they are supposed to.

“Lost & Turned Out” is a slow drum and bass mix, with a slow disco keyboard in the background. The vocals smoothly float along like on a cloud. The lead vocals have a lot of care and love to them. The beat is consistent, and drum fills are layered in once in a while to break up and restart the groove. It kind of reminds me of the quieter Bjork ballads. The chorus repeats over and over again at the end, as if the whole song was in slow motion.“Mind Blowing Decision” picks up the pace a bit more with a steady one-two guitar beat. This song, as it is a bit quicker than the first song, is still just as chill. The skipping in my recorded version cuts out about 30 seconds of the song. But its relaxed momentum is obvious as it will not change. The piano tinkles along at its own pace in the subtle background. The lengthy instrumental section has a harmonica fill in for the vocals, and it just feels like the vocals were removed for the whole verse. The chorus comes back for another couple of rounds, but really it could come in and out over the steady beat of the song, between harmonica solos, and the song would remain the same. It is funny that the title of the song would seem to denote more energy and jerkiness, but the tempo has remained true and steady throughout.
“I've Got Love” combines the reggae music of the last song with the slow-motion tempo of the first track. This slow and positive groove most notably carries a xylophone sound buried in the background. It still feels like a lounge song or an oldie slow dance number, like the first track, but the reggae vibe keeps it upbeat and gently afloat.

This side skips continuously. Unfortunately, none of these is listenable in a publishable sense.
“Little Girl” is similar to I’ve Got Love, but it is a little faster reggae and fun in its juvenile nature and vocal play is more adventurous and excited, not to mention skatting.
“Somebody Loves You Back” is a slow funky groove, smooth and polished with the keyboards and guitars. Later, the tinkling piano adds a theatrical side to the song. The vocals are hopeful and comforting at the same time, bolstering self-esteem to the subject of the song.
“Tell Me Why” feels like “I’ve Got Love” in its slow reggae style, a steel drum effect is added to the background as is the organ. Both elements are slight additions to the soundscape. The song has a “just woke up, getting out of bed” feeling to it.
“Natural Woman” is a summary of all the songs that have come already on the album. It has that wake up feeling, the smooth, slow groove with the reggae rhythm, but it adds a variety of lead singing and interesting vocal interplay.

Stand Out Track: Little Girl
I've Got Love

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  2. Those were the days i am a big fan of paul dawkins and his music wish i had a copy of this album hope they re issue it on cd some day classic cuts little girl, and natural woman, this trak especially in a dance with a girl wow it was nice the whole lovers scene brings back memories the heptics was massive then and still popular now music like this will never die in fact its more in demand now than ever, paul if you are out there and you read this reprint this album it will sell like crazy i know i want one, my sister said she too, we want it back by popular demand as for the TRADITION CUTS Paul recorded with that band as we use to say back in the day WICKED!

    Music lover Kris.