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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grimaldi / Zeiher - Recidive

Name: Grimaldi / Zeiher
Album: Recidive
Year: 1980
Style: French West Coast
Similar Bands: Ween, Foriegner
"One-Word" Review: Relaxed & Airy Prog-Age
Based Out Of: France
Label: RCA, Victor
Recidive - Cover & Sleeve
Recidive - Back & Sleeve
Recidive - Record

Recidive (1980)
  1. Sidonie 5:54
  2. Dernier's Moments 3:44
  3. Une Porte au Fond d'Un Couloir 3:34
  4. Plus Comme Avant 3:30
  5. Cache-Toi 4:00/
  6. Debout en Haut du Toit 4:10
  7. Recidive 4:16
  8. Melo Dans la Tete 4:30
  9. La Califusa 4:48
  10. Think Twice 1:42
Album Rating (1-10): 5.0

Members & Other Bands (many artists are session musicians, thus have played with many):
Drums - Jeff Porcaro (TOTO), Jim Keltner (Steely Dan)
Bass - Abraham Laboriel, Leland Sklar
Electric piano, organ - Mark Gibbons
Acoustic piano - Victor Feldman (Steely Dan / The Crusaders)
Synthesizers - Mark Gibbons (Captain Beefheart), Mike Boddicker
Electric guitars - Steve Lukather (TOTO), Larry Byrum, Larry Carlton (Steely Dan / The Crusaders), Dean Parks, Mark Goldenberg
Cythar - Larry Carlton
Acoustic guitars - Billy Walker, Bernard Zeiher
Horns - Chuck Findley (Steely Dan), Steve Madaio, William Reichenbach, Pat Rizzo
Trumpet - Chuck Findley
Sax - Phil Kenzie
Percussions - Victor Feldman, Paulinho DaCosta, Jim Keltner
Backing vocals - Bernard Grimaldi, Bernard Zeiher, Norbert Taillole, Marty McCall, Venetta Fields, Clydie King, Andrea Robinson, Ann White, Matt Vernon, Bill Bowersock
Recorded and Mixed by Mallory EARL.
Producer: Bernard GRIMALDI.
Words & Music by Bernard GRIMALDI and Bernard ZEIHER

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of these guys and by the name & album title, I still don’t know if they are truly French or just trying to pull off a foreign look. But after you check out the song titles, it can be assumed they are French. I like the cover and the “story-line” follow-up on the back. Not knowing the song titles makes it tough to get a grasp on what the songs will sound like, and the cover art does not really give any insight either. This makes it all a mystery package that I’m excited to check out.

Album Review: I did not know what the French West Coast scene was, and still do not completely know, besides a group of French bands trying to recreate the sound that came out of LA in the 70's, but I get the feeling that Weens has attempted style borrowing this genre in some of their later songs. Unfortuantely my record skipped during a couple of songs in the recording, but I was still able to get a good idea of the songs.
“Sidonie” begins with tinkling bells and a neo-spacey atmosphere. Its very smooth (although my record skips throughout the song). It feels like a disco come-down, after a coked up roller-dancing night. Aside from the straight forward 70’s electronic and steady bass beat, there are hints of electronic in the background that set it apart, and wades a big toe into prog, but only if you are looking hard enough.
“Dernier's Moments” is a light bouncy 70’s pop rock song. It reminds me of Ween’s borrowed style song, something like “Bananas and Blow” mixed with “Your Party” and a bit of “Stallion pt 5” too. (there is another song that is better, I can’t place it, though)
“Une Porte au Fond d'Un Couloir” begins with classical piano and continues in a sad, longing new age spirit.“Plus Comme Avant” shifts gears and starts with an island ska/reggae groove. The chours-bridge is straight up Bee-Gees disco.
“Cache-Toi” feels like a dulled down disco number. It is not flamboyantly disco, but it has that rushed, shoulder shuffle feel to it.

“Debout en Haut du Toit” skips per the bad edge to my record, but it sounds like more prog, actually like Foriegner covering “Stallion Part 5” again. It has that metal guitar edge, but it does it without being heavy metal.
“Recidive” feels like AOR filler. It has a sly melody, but is really just power pop toned down a bit. It does have a nice prog-style chorus, though.
“Melo Dans la Tete” is a slow, somewhat bluesy journey through the lighter side of prog. From somewhere, I’m getting a bit of a Sting-reggae vibe from this, but really, I’m just back on the “all-I-can-compare-this-to-is-Foreigner” kick.
“La Califusa” is a quiet walk by the sea at sunset. For some reason, it reminds me of Ween’s “Fluffy” I guess once you get it in your mind who a band sounds like, all connections lean in that direction.
“Think Twice” just get more new-agey and lighter. This final track, mostly instruemental, is light and airy, the soundtrack to a medieval romantic scene.

Stand Out Track: Dernier's Moments


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