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Thursday, December 23, 2010

American Minor - The Buffalo Creek EP

Name: American Minor
Album: The Buffalo Creek EP
Year: 2004
Style: Americana, Classic Rock
Similar Bands: Black Crows, Iron Butterfly
"One-Word" Review: Car-on-the-Lawn Rock
Based Out Of : New York, NY/Huntington, WV/Champaign, IL, West Virginia, US
Label: Zomba, Jive, Chrysalis
Buffalo Creek EP - Front & Back
Buffalo Creek EP - Inside & CD

Buffalo Creek EP (2004)
  1. Walk On 3:23
  2. Buffalo Creek 3:34
  3. Movin' On Up 3:34
  4. Get On It 3:04
Album Rating (1-10): 4.0

Memberd & Other Bands:
Robert McCutcheon - Vox
Bud Carroll - Guitars
Joshua Gragg - Guitars
Josh Knox - Drums
John Goodmanson - Produced, Engineered, Mixed
Benmont Tench - Hammond & Wurlitzer (Tom Petty & Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch)
Howie Weinberg - Mastering
Rodel Delfin - Management
Michael Tedesco - A&R
Nick Gamma - Art Direction & Design
Clay Patrick McBride - Photography

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of these guys, and this is a CD I received from a friend trying to cut back on his collection. What can I say; I’m a bit of a hoarder, so I took it. Based on the brown cardboard case and the wood-cut stamp looking artwork, I’d say these guys will be bluesy rock. I’m not a big fan of this genre, so I can’t compare it to too much. I’m just glad it is only 4 songs long, so it will not be too much torture if it is unpleasant.

Album Review: “Walk On” has shaky raspy vocals and rocks out right away. It takes elements from classic rock, the Black Crows and other southern rock bands of this niche. It feels like it would have had a nice place to thrive in 1995, with the dirty riffs and crunching melodic guitars.
“Buffalo Creek” is this albums namesake. And it feels a bit Black Sabbathy, with head banging guitars. The raspy vocals continue. The middle section lightens up with light guitars and vocals. But that turns into wailing guitars for the instrumental section.
“Movin' On Up” is more meandering and psychedelic, but it still fits into the bluesy rock style they’ve set in motion. The chorus is more rocking, and it returns to the original form when it gets back to the verse.
“Get On It” starts right off into power rock. The verse lets the guitars retire for a bit. The song is structured like a Tom Petty power pop song. But the rocking guitars are given their own chorus.
I don't really go for this sort of music, its jut not appealing to me, but it sounds like it is done well. I'm picking the stand out track based on the fact that it does stand out a bit more than the rest, and it is the album title, too.

Stand Out Track: Buffalo Creek


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