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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crimea - Lottery Winners on Acid

Name: Crimea
Album: Lottery Winners on Acid EP
Year: 2004
Style: Brit-Pop
Similar Bands: Destroyer, Shins, Supergrass
"One-Word" Review: Warbl-Raspy-Brit-Pop-Rock
Based Out Of: London
Label: Double Dragon Music
Lottery Winners on Acid - Cover, CD & Back
Lottery Winners on Acid - Liner Notes

Lottery Winners on Acid (2004)
  1. White Russian Galaxy 3:15
  2. Lottery Winners on Acid 3:37
  3. Baby Boom 3:36
  4. Bombay Sapphire Coma 3:45
  5. Opposite Ends 4:17
Album Rating (1-10): 8.0

Members & Other Bands:
Davey MacManus - Singer, Guitars, Producer (Crocketts)
Owen Hopkin - Drummer
Andrew Stafford - Keys
Joe Udwin - Bass
Andy Norton - Guitar
Tristin Norwell - Engineered
Stuart miller - Engineer
Tim Denman - Mastering
Stephen Taverner - Management
Lucy Bryant - Artwork Coordination
Mark Holley - Graphic Designer

Unknown-ness: I've never heard of these guys. This is another album from the CD-cleansing friend. From the ridiculous album title and two songs referencing alcohol, I'm guessing this is frat boy rock. This is only a five song EP, so there is not much sacrifice reviewing it.

Album Review: “White Russian Galaxy” is equally punchy and light. It is catchy, with a melody like the Shins, and the just-audible vocals (a little raspy like Destroyer) achieve importance and urgency. The keyboard and heavy guitars work together well in the chorus, along with the tambourine hand-clap percussion.
“Lottery Winners on Acid” is full of jangley swaggering “steel-drum” slide guitar. The keys bring delicateness to the fragile vocals, like a southern jug band version Daniel Johnston. The instrumental features a typical heavy electric prog/brit-guitar lick that I expect to hear in Suede. It is a very catchy song.
“Baby Boom” starts right off with the wailing British electric guitar. The vocals are light, breathy and warbly. This melody too, is very much like something the Shins produce.
“Bombay Sapphire Coma” is very liquid song, especially with the guitar effect. The vocals are mixed right up and out into the forefront of the track. The vocals are still raspy, but very melodic. All the elements come together with a minute to go, and the song becomes very anthemic with a chorus of vocals echoing the lyrics together. The song grows in production and sound right up to the sudden end.
“Opposite Ends” is darker and more mystical than the rest of the album. The verse vocals are spoken over the twinkling guitar melody in rhythm. The vocals remind me of the Artic Monkeys for some reason. The song is bold and strong with lots of fuzz and distortion under the anthemic vocals when it hits the chorus.

Stand-Out Track: White Russian Galaxy

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