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Monday, February 7, 2011

Fever Tree - s/t

Name: Fever Tree
Album: Fever Tree
Year: 1968
Style: Psychedelic Folk Rock
Similar Bands: Association, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Bee Gees, Blind Melon, Doors
"One-Word" Review: every-style-60's-pop
Based Out Of: Houston, TX
Label: UNI, Universal City Records, MCA
Fever Tree - Cover & Record
Fever Tree - Back & Record
Fever Tree (1968)
  1. Imitation Situation 1 (Toccata And Fugue) 2:32
  2. Where Do You Go 2:25
  3. San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native) 3:58
  4. Ninety-Nine and One-Half 2:45
  5. Man Who Paints the Pictures 2:32
  6. Filligree and Shadow 3:51 /
  7. The Sun Also Rises 2:41
  8. Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out 3:27
  9. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing 3:00
  10. Unlock My Door 3:45
  11. Come With Me (Rainsong) 3:45
Album Rating (1-10): 7.5

Members & Other Bands:Walter Andrus - Engineer
Scott Holtzmsn - Producer
Vivian Holtzman - Producer
Dennis Keller - Vox (The Bostwick Vines)
Michael Knust - Guitar (The Bostwick Vines)
Rob Landes - Keys, Woodwind, Organ, Harp, (Rob Landes Trio)
John Tuttle - Percussion (The Bostwick Vines)
E.E. Wolfe - Bass (The Bostwick Vines)
Frank Davis - Assistant Engineer
Mic Leitz - Assistant Engineer
Mike Shields - String/Horn Assistant
Jill Gibson - Cover & Liner Photo
Harry Golightly - Liner Photos
David Angel - String/Horn Arrangement
Gene Page - String/Horn Arrangement
Diane White Hudson - Dust Cover Sketches
Martha Armstrong - Calligraphy

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of this band. But from the psychedelic tree in the background, the costumes the band is wearing, and the energy in the name Fever Tree, I’m guessing this is a solid Psych-Rock band from the mid-late 60’s. It could be lighter than I expect, but I always hope for the best when it comes to a descent band name and exciting cover art.

Album Review: “Imitation Situation 1 (Toccata And Fugue)” is introduced by a thunderous drum rattle, and followed by a segment of Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue” as suggested by the parenthesis in the title. Grand echoing vocals are then brought in, and lonely vocals are repeated until the music drops off into a buzz, and the next song begins immediately.“Where Do You Go” is a dirty, fuzzy 60’s garage band. It is powerful, and hard hitting for a folk band. Then the music hits a still spot where the bass and light drums play and a flute is added over top. This instrumental section builds nicely into a resurgence of the vocals. The electric guitar is very catchy and just an over all delightful sound. The song winds down like the quick burst of energy is overSan Francisco Girls (Return of the Native) is their “hit,” sounding like the Bee Gees of that time period. It has a nice way of building into a psychedelic garage song. The vocals are proud and confident, and when combined with the music, remind me of a male counterpart to a less chaotic Janice Joplin. The song resets itself with lighter vocals again, and flute echoing in the background. Again the bridge builds, but instead of hitting the chorus, it slinks back into a psychedelic zone out.“Ninety-Nine and One-Half” begins with a scream, and enters typical psychedelic classic rock territory with raspy vocals and continuous wailing electric guitar. It has a nice trippy groove to it, a style that was rekindled by Blind Melon in the 90’s. “Man Who Paints the Pictures” is a driving psych song with booming drums, electric guitar and strong, confident vocals. It reminds me of Ween’s “Stallion pt. 5” with its driving tempo. But the guitar’s sound and flute lock its footprint firmly in classic psychedelic rock. “Filligree and Shadow” is a lighter, trippy renaissance fair folk number. It is very much along the lines of the early Bee Gees or Strawberry Alarm Clock. It possesses a marching, drummer boy cadence with a dark side. The dark is balanced by the light of the orchestral strings in the background. The song breaks down into bass hum and other noise overtaking the proud, bold chorus which is still audible in the background in a messy chaotic swirl.

“The Sun Also Rises” is a piano based number at the outset. Then it diverges into a psychedelic lounge singer number. “Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out” Instrumental folk guitar picking and single note bass eventually come together (no pun intended) to begin their cover of Day Tripper. It is slowed down a bunch and made more orchestral. The vocals are pretty close parody to the Beatles. The lyrics are forced right into “We Can Work It Out” without much of a choice for one verse. Slowed down and with brass and more orchestral renderings of the popular (and my favorite) Beatles song.“Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing” is a psychedelic carousel waltz. It bobs from side to side, and is crooned like the very best lounge singer with everything to lose.“Unlock My Door” is a quiet balladeer’s song storytelling of desire toward a specific love. Acoustic guitar bombards the middle section, sounding like progressive music a little. After that rant, it returns to delicate echoing finger picking and retelling of the first verse. “Come With Me (Rainsong)” begins with a wash of rain and quiet piano. Gentle guitars are added. The vocals are solemn and comforting, sounding like a religious song written for a Jesus type to sing.

Stand Out Track: Where Do You Go

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