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Thursday, June 23, 2011

La Muerte - Death Race 2000

Name: La Muerte
Album: Death Race 2000
Year: 1989
Style: HardCore, ScreamCore, Metal.
Similar Bands: Kukl, Megadeath, Helmet, Fantomas (musically), Melvins, Sepultura
"One-Word" Review: "Kill Your Melodic Face"
Based Out Of: Brussels, Belgium & Spain
Label: Play It Again Sam Records USA, Waxtrax,
Death Race 2000 - Cover, Sleeve Photo
Death Race 2000 - Back, Sleeve Info
Death Race 2000 - Record

Death Race 2000 (1989)
  1. I Would Die Faster 4:07
  2. Black God White Devil 4:41
  3. Ecoute Cette Priere 3:26
  4. Make it Easy 3:21
  5. Shoot You In the Back 4:52/
  6. Death Race 2000 5:19
  7. Burst My Soul 4:04
  8. Killing Is My Business 3:59
  9. Scared Flame 7:14
Album Rating (1-10): 5.5

Members & Other Bands:
Paul Delnoy - Producer (Qui)
Marc Borgers - Cover Computer Painting, Pictures
Marie Beaunom - Tech Assistance
Hugues Wurstenberger - Photo Assistant
Marc du Marais - Screams
Dee-J. - Distortion (Ether, 3 Angry Poles)
Paul "Dunlop" Delnoy - Vibrobass
Michel De Greef - Drums

Unknown-ness: I've never heard of these guys before, but I like the cover art of a T-Rex caught at what I believe to be the extinction of the dinosaurs. The pictures of the back make me think that the band will be some kind of industrial punk music, and the motivation behind the album title could back that up.

Album Review: “I Would Die Faster” begins with a driving dark drum and bass beat, and low growl-singing, which reminds me of Bjork’s older band Kukl. The power guitar riffs and growls all over the place add accent to the lyrics. The singing has advanced to higher pitched scream-talking. The song keeps up the driving rhythm with the unchanging bass and drum beat and power single chord of the rhythm guitar.
“Black God White Devil” sounds like it might actually be a heavy pop number. The vocals are angry spoken words with a slight growl. This reminds me a little of Megadeath. The song is very steady and does not stray from the formula that you encounter at the get go. There is a power guitar instrumental section, but it returns to the predictable guitar hook driven verse. Even the chorus does not change too much from the main song structure, although it does incorporate a different dual tone shouting vocal for the chorus. “Ecoute Cette Priere” has howling guitars and vibrating weirdness to start off. Then growling angry vocals shout, but do not follow the driving music melody. Like spoken work poetry set to unrelated music. It is dark and has a lot of built up aggression. Musically, it reminds me of a nice combination of Faith No More and Helmet.“Make it Easy” starts off with a sleazy metal guitar hook, but has barely audible deep growling vocals. The song has a very bold presence. The chorus is a yelling of the title over and over again in rhythm with the melody“Shoot You In the Back” begins with a country western influenced slow guitar. Like a western showdown, it drags on slowly with determination. The vocals are grueling and grating. This song, musically, reminds me of Tomahawk. But the vocals detract from the potency of the song. It should be mellow and focused, but the shouts seem careless.

“Death Race 2000” has a head down, stomp progression. The start and stopping of the music, while carried along by the bass line reminds me of the song “War Pigs.” The vocals are barely more than a hushed whispering, but there is still tension in the hisses and syllables of the whispers. The song breaks form and releases an aggressive rush of vocals and music before adding what sound like heavy orchestral strings to accent the underlying melody.“Burst My Soul” is fast paced from the get go. It drives and rumbles on. The vocals are barely there, which let the catchy melody take the main stage. There is a breakdown after 2:20 where the music stops and metallic guitar string screeches echo. Then 20 sec later, the song picks back up with the driving chorus.“Killing Is My Business” starts with cop cars and some kind of hot pursuit audio sample. Then repetitive driving music begins and shouting lyrics with no music basis begins. The chorus is a nice change up with depth and a nice hook but the vocals just scream. The song ends with the music fading out and the hot pursuit sound clips finish up the song in dramatic fashion.“Scared Flame” begins with a dark off-timed bass line and cowboy electric, echoing steel guitar and a steady drum beat are added. The rough vocals are filled with aggression, and shout at the listener. The music rolls on, unaffected, as if it’s playing to its own audience, and the vocals are just layered overtop. The vocal and music do actually overlap in the middle of the song, and remind me of the limited stuff I’ve heard from Sepultura. The song relaxes in the end and calms down to a single tone echoing for a few seconds.

Stand Out Track: "Burst My Soul"


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