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Friday, December 16, 2011

David Lindley - Win This Record!

Band: David Lindley
Album: Win This Record!
Year: 1982
Style: Rock N Roll, Island, Reggae,
Similar Bands: Jackson Browne, Joe Jackson, Bill Haley, Cecilio & Kapono, Blasters, Bob Marley
"One-Word" Review: Relaxed, Carefree, Carribi-Rock
Based Out Of: California
Label: Elektra/Asylum, Warner
Win This Record! - Cover & Tape
Win This Record! - Liner Noted & Tape

Win This Record! (1982)
  1. Something's Got A Hold on Me 2:43
  2. Turning Point 4:45
  3. Spodie 4:57
  4. Brother John 5:50
  5. Premature 3:57/
  6. Talk to the Lawyer 4:55
  7. Make It On Time 3:17
  8. Rock It With I 5:06
  9. Ram-A-Lamb-A Man 4:10
  10. Look So Good 1:31
Album Rating (1-10): 6.0

Members & Other Bands:
David Lindley - Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitorgan, Producer, Saz, Violin, Vocals (Kalidescope, El-Rayo-X, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Rod Stewart, Dolly Pardon, Ry Cooder, Warren Zevon, Wally Ingram, Hani Naser)
Craig Anderson - Photography
Jorge Calderón - Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Terry Christian - Assistant Engineer
Peter Golmen - Managment
Booker T. Jones - Keyboards, Organ (Booker T & the MGs, & Pricilla, Drive By Truckers, Blues Brothers)
Greg Ladanyi - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Bernie Larsen - Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Percussion, Vocals
George Massenburg - Engineer
Richard McKernan - Assistant Engineer
Jim Nipar - Engineer
Mike Reese - Mastering
Barbara Rooney - Assistant Engineer
Randee Saint Nicholas - Photography
Kaz Sakamoto - Photography
Doug Sax - Mastering
William D. "Smitty" Smith - Keyboards, Organ (Blood Sweat & Tears, Billy Joel, Tracey Chapman, Ry Cooder, Pointer Sisters)
Wayne Tanouye - Assistant Engineer
Jimmy Wachtel - Art Direction, Design
Ian Wallace - Drums, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Percussion, Vocals (King Crimson, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Fizzion Trip, Warriors, 21st Century Schizoid Band, Crimson Jazz Trio, Quireboys)

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of this artist / band. The cover is bright and has a bit of rock n roll oldies energy to it, reminding me of a combination of Bill Haley, Joe Jackson and Weird Al. And with the album title of “Win This Record,” I cannot imagine the album being too serious or complex.

Album Review: “Something's Got A Hold on Me” rocks and rolls from the starting gate. A harmonized mix of dual vocals carries the honky-tonk / 50’s style rock and roll song. An electric guitar instrumental modernizes the song, but the classic back beat drums continue through out, holding it in the past.
“Turning Point” is funkier with bass heavy and initial tambourine cymbal drum beat. The bass makes it sound like Squeeze’s “Black Coffee In Bed.” The vocals also follow a funky melody, but the voice is a higher pitch singer songwriter style. This song does in fact remind me of Joe Jackson, even featuring some horns in the chorus, and organ-style keyboards. The song ends with a long slide guitar spotlighted instrumental.
“Spodie” feels like a Dire Straits song. The bass is used to give a funky yet gritty & sly vibe. The vocals are shrill, and actually remind me of a non-screaming Axl Rose. Extended instrumental populate much of the song, giving center stage representation to the electric guitar.
“Brother John” has a warble guitar intro which ends after its scale, and is followed by drums then bass in sections. Electric guitar adds its two cents, and the song begins in its reggae, dancehall beat, including a repetition of “Brother John is gone” and some steel drum mixed with more electric guitar.
“Premature” also has an island feel to it, where the guitar sounds like a slowed version of Foghat’s “Slow Ride.” Once the vocals start the song takes root in a combination of slow reggae and gospel.

“Talk to the Lawyer” is a poppier interpretation of reggae, so it still retains a funky, “don’t worry be happy” island vibe, even if the topic is that of deceit and suspicion.
“Make It On Time” rocks back with a honky-tonk/pub vibe and gritty slide guitar track. It is a driving song, with a “Blasters” feel. The song rocks out with a lengthy instrumental to end it.
“Rock It With I” begins with harmonized picked electric guitars which evolve into a relaxed reggae beat with harmonized layered vocals as well. It feels like a warm and fuzzy Bob Marley song.
“Ram-A-Lamb-A Man” feels like Talking Heads song (And She Was) right away. Then the vocals start: a harmonized high pitched, with an obvious and somewhat annoying melody. The music is fun and interesting, but I can’t get behind the vocals here“Look So Good” is a slow, country, acoustic, “on the range” guitar ballad.

Stand Out Track: Turning Point

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