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Friday, January 20, 2012

Chromatics - Cavecare EP

Name: Chromatics
Album: Cavecare EP
Year: 2002
Style: Post-Punk, Lo-Fi
Similar Bands: Enon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Coachwhips, Glass Candy, Liars
"One-Word" Review: Distorted-Angular-Demos
Based Out Of: Seattle Wa
Label: Hand Held Heart
Cavecare - Cover & Record
Cavecare - Cover & Liner Notes & Trackless Record back

Cavecare EP (2002)
  1. Cavecare 2:00
  2. Steps 2:17
  3. Arms Wither Away 1:37
  4. Trnbrrd 1:22
  5. Beach of Infants 2:35
  6. Jesus 3:30
Album Rating (1-10): 7.0

Members & Other Bands:Adam Miller
Devin Welch - Guitar
Michelle Nolan - Bass (Straylight Run, Taking Back Sunday, Destry)
Hannah Blilie - Drummer (Gossip, Shoplifting, Sarah Dougher, Stiletto, Mr Yuk, The Lumpies, Vade, The Vogue, Soiled Doves)
Aaron Coyes - Recording

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of this band, but I love the cover art, the basic color scheme, the angular presentation, and the randomness of the logo. I realize it is an EP only, but I imagine it will either be good punk or angular rock.

Album Review: This EP is only on one side of the record, as the other side is just a trackless piece of plastic.

“Cavecare” starts with a dark thudding bass beat and constant drum beat. The vocals are completely distorted as if sung through an un-tuned TV set. But random angular guitar notes are played along with the side to side rhythm as the track ends.
“Steps” is more heads down & driving with a looping guitar hook, pounding drum & cymbal beat and more angular guitars in the bridge, which continue through out the song. The vocals are just as distorted and lo-fi as the first track, but altogether, this song is more cohesive.
“Arms Wither Away” starts with the distorted vocals and mid-pace drum beat. Then heavy angular guitars are added in a sing song manner.
“Trnbrrd” starts out musically just like The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song “Black Tongue.” And at first the vocals sound like a very distorted Rolling Stones, but the devolve to something Enon would create. I wish this song were longer, it is a good little snippet.
“Beach of Infants” begins with distorted feed back guitars and a plodding, dragging drum beat. The vocals sound whiney in there distorted nature. There is a surprisingly uplifting guitar hook after the first verse, but the vocals come in and yell and whine over the slowish tempo.
“Jesus” has an echoing drum beat, and a dark, murky feed back-like bass line. The five note musical procession, almost like a military drum beat, marches on as the vocals take their own emo-screeching, distorted path over the repetitive music. It reminds me a bit of Early, Early Ween. I mean Synth Socks Ween.

Standout Track: Trnbrrd

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