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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(the) Lucy Show - ...undone

Name: The Lucy Show
Album: ...undone
Year: 1985
Style: Dark & Moody Alternative, Dream Pop, Shoegazing
Similar Bands: REM, Cure, Aztec Camera, 'Til Tuesday, Thomas Dolby
"One-Word" Review: Jangley Doom-and-Gloom
Based Out Of: London, England
Label: A&M Records,
...undone Cover & Record
...undone Back & Record

  1. Ephemeral (This Is No Heaven)3:42
  2. Resistance 3:59
  3. Come back to the Living 3:38
  4. White Space 4:16
  5. Wipe Out 3:12
  6. Twister 3:25/
  7. Undone 4:03
  8. Remain 3:48
  9. Better on the Hard Side 5:21
  10. Remembrances 3:46
  11. Dream Days 4:58
Album Rating (1-10): 4.5

Members & Other Bands:
Mark Bandola - vocals, guitar, keyboards (Bandola, Ausgang, Typewriter)
Rob Vandeven - vocals, bass (Zero Zero)
Pete Barraclough - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Bryan Hudspeth - drums, vocals
Steve Lovell - Producer, Remixing
Steve Power - Producer, Remixing
Fiona Stephen - Violin
Steve Cookman - Assistant Engineer
Arnie Acosta - Remastering
Marc Hutchinson - Illustrations, Photography
Michael Ross - Art Direction
Jeremy Williams - Design

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of this band. From the cover art it looks like a horrible record. The crayon-altered picture makes me think that the contents will be bland and directionless. The picture on the back also looks generic and dated, perhaps a watered down version of the Posies. I’m not sure why I got this record, it just looks like it will be tedious and droaning.

Album Review: I wrote the review, but it did not save for some reason. I did not like the record, so I don't have the energy to go back and review it song by song, but I'll re-write generally what I thought, as it is still kinda fresh. Maybe this will end up being better.

Overall, I felt the vocals were uninspired and wanted to be anywhere else than recording the album. Most of the songs were dark, with lots of reverb and echo that really drew the songs away to an unreachable point for the listener. Many of the songs were built on bridges, or pieces of songs that felt like they could build to something grand, but failed to deliver on an anticipated hook. They just travelled on and on, in a droning sense that I imagined looked visually like still life in a Victorian room, but filmed blurry and completely out of focus. A few of the songs had a driving pace, but the majority seemed visually like a drained homeless person traveling down the street dragging much more than they should carry.

The production was minimal at times, yet complex in the echoing effects. There were times where the songs were good, and should have been enjoyable, but I had to lay blame on the vocals as to the reason I could just not enjoy the song. The songs were dated with a lot of 80’s synth effects and sounds coming out of the keyboard. The dreampop / shoegazing songs fit more so in a doctors office, or at 2am at the end of a party where some sort of music had to be on that was barely interesting, hard to argue against, and very non-threatening in a bland way.

Stand Out Track: Twister


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