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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Spit - Thrust And Disgust

Name: Spit
Album: Thrust And Disgust
Year: 1987
Style: Grunge-Core, Humours, Indie
Similar Bands: Jello Biafra / Dead Kennedys, Christian Lunch, Dead Milkmen, Residents, They Might Be Giants
One Word Review: Growley-Smutty-Synth
Based Out Of: Philadelphia, PA
Label: a + r

Thrust And Disgust - Cover, Tape
Thrust And Disgust (1987)

  1. Distress 3:16
  2. Tear You Apart 2:57
  3. Givin' Up 2:57
  4. Skin Tight 4:29
  5. They Got You 3:19/
  6. World Torture Me 2:19
  7. Football Star 3:22
  8. Weakling 4:05
  9. Sorry Out Of Tofu 2:02
  10. Do You Wanna Whip Me 5:53
Album Rating (1-10): 7.0

Members & Other Bands:
Vinnie Spit - Vox, Guitar, Producer, Cover (Batz Without Flesh)
Mc Clay - Cover 
Myers - Cover

Unknown-ness: I never heard of Spit. Just got this in a pile of gothic / dark wave / industrial tapes, so I can only conclude it is one of the same like Sisters of Mercy.

Album Review: Smut and lewdness seem to describe singer / artist Vinnie Spit, the self-proclaimed “Godfather of Smut.” Although this first album of his is relatively tame compared to his later compositions, shreds of indecency pop up in Football Star and Do You Wanna Whip Me. A Philadelphia native, he has gained minor popularity thanks to hometown radio station WMMR in 1989, and John Peel in England in 1988. He now lives in California, and still plays out live as of 2016.

“Distress” begins with a kick drum, and a discordant bass line. Guitar and a drum machine add in to form an aggressive, growley vocal style and driving song. The chorus finds a progressive rolling bass line under more raspy, growling vocals. The song then repeats, starting over with the first bass line. The song does build and recover nicely, continuing to push the momentum forward through the three distinct sections.
“Tear You Apart” starts with the drum machine, and dark tonal guitars. The speedy bass bounces all over the  place, and the growling vocals drag the song along. The bridge, into the chorus used a dark wave, crystal synth tone. The vocals sound like a rougher Rodney Anonymous from Dead Milkmen.
“Givin' Up” is a little more mysterious and new wavey, perhaps a little like the Residents. Drum machine and synth are the primary elements here. There is a drum machine breakdown with radio transmitted vocals spoken over top.
“Skin Tight” is an instrumental that begins with drum machine hand claps, and a slinky mysterious bass line. The drum machine is given a few solos that remind me simultaneously of early They Might Be Giants, Run DMC, and Harold Faltermeyer’s Axel F. The track, although it carries the bass and drum beat as a constant get a little jazzy at the end.
“They Got You” is a driving punk song, more straightforward than anything on the album yet. Looping guitar and bass sections and steady basic drum beat. The chorus is a little too basic, repetitive and embarrassing.

“World Torture Me” has a slow, jazzy start. It reminds me a little of a skatty Tom Waits song. It also reminds me of some of They Might Be Giants early b-sides, particularly Counterfeit Fake era b-sides.
“Football Star” starts off as a looping, repeating guitar driven song. The vocals ae very clear, and makes a juvenile, humorous commentary on football players, and their sexuality. It has a similar tone to Butt Trumpet songs. Overall, it is a pretty catchy song.
“Weakling” kick drum machine begins this track, followed by a bass heavy, stutter-stepping tempo. The vocals are even gruffer than usual. The song never diverges from the stumbling tempo, and the song grows boring pretty fast.
“Sorry Out Of Tofu” as a very Devo, new wave tempo and melody, featuring a rattling drum machine and building progression.
“Do You Wanna Whip Me” starts with non-melodic drum machine beats, and swirls up into progressive and spooky synth melody. It is anxious and nervous musically, but confident and subservient lyrically. The instrumental section features some soaring electric guitar and other synth effects, before transitioning back into the building verse melody. 

Stand Out Track: Football Star


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