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Friday, July 29, 2011

(the) Lashes - The Stupid Stupid EP

Name: (the) Lashes
Album: The Stupid Stupid ep
Year: 2004
Style: Pop / Rock
Similar Bands: Head Automatica, Lit, Blink 182.
"One-Word" Review: Generic Pop
Based Out Of: Seattle, Wa
Label: Lookout Records
The Stupid Stupid - Cover & Back
The Stupid Stupid - Liner Photos, CD Tray & CD

The Stupid Stupid (2004)
  1. Death by Mixtape 3:54
  2. Ex-Mas (Young Man in Love) 3:14
  3. Pop Song 2:42
  4. It's Your Party 2:57
Album Rating (1-10): 5.5

Members & Other Bands:
John Goodmanson - Producer & Mix
Kip Beelman - Engineer
Troy Glessnew - Mastering
Michael Barber esq. - Executive Producer
Robin Laananen - Photography (redhedpictures.com)
Nate Manny - Art Direction & Design (halftonedesign.com)
Ben Clark - Vox
Nate Mooter - Bass, Vox
Eric Howk - Guitar
Scotty Rickard - Guitar
Jacob Hoffman - Keys Vox
Mike Loggins - Drums

Unknown-ness: I’ve never heard of this band, but judging from the style and year, they seem to fancy themselves an emo answer to the strokes phenomenon. They are on Lookout! Records for this release, so perhaps there is a bit of pop-punk in there too. Either way, this 4 song ep should not prove to be too much trouble if it is bad, but I have a feeling that this will be mediocre; listenable at the least.

Album Review: “Death by Mixtape” begins with a rocking wall of noise which becomes diluted with a keyboard and then submits to catchy pop chords as the vocals start. This kinda feels like manufactured generic pop. The vocals have an emo quality to them. The guitar is relentless and echoes throughout the song even when it is not being played.
“Ex-Mas (Young Man in Love)” starts with a guitar that trickles down the scale, like a dream sequence of someone falling into another world. Then the cocky nasally vocals come on and the song becomes predictable and usual. The wall of sound is used again for the chorus.“Pop Song” rolls into form with a drum beat. And then power pop guitars bridge the gap until the vocals begin. Despite the distortion used on the guitars, the song is still basically a power pop song, with chord changes and a focus on the lead guitar. Unfortunately, the song is broadcasting itself as a pop song via the title, so it loses some of its uniqueness thanks to its spitting out the generic label. The song could be a more upbeat and rough Strokes song, but not nearly as stylized.
“It's Your Party” starts out like it could be a pop punk some ala Lit. It tries to be bold. It does have lots of energy to spare, even some Weezerish guitar sections, but over all, it feels like a complete fa├žade.

Stand Out Track: Pop Song


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