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Friday, August 5, 2011

Leapy Lee - Little Arrows

Name: Leapy Lee
Album: Little Arrows
Year: 1968
Style: Pop Oldies, Novelty, Country, Lounge Vocals
Similar Acts: Monkees, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones
"One-Word" Review: Average Thrift Store Vocals
Based out Of: Eastbourne, England
Label: Decca, MCA
Little Arrows - Cover & Record
Little Arrows - Back & Record
Little Arrows(1968)
  1. Little Arrows 2:42
  2. So Afraid 3:11
  3. Harper Valley PTA 3:15
  4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 3:52
  5. Where Has All the Love Gone 2:42
  6. My Girl Maria 3:15/
  7. If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again 2:30
  8. Teresa 2:28
  9. Little Green Apples 3:25
  10. Roly 3:12
  11. Senorita Jones 2:56
Album Rating (1-10): 6.5
Members & Other Bands:
Leapy Lee - Vox
Gordon Mills - Producer, Arrangements
John Timpearley - Engineer
Grace Waring - Cover Photo
Mike Vickers - Arrangements
Joe Moretti - Arrangements

Unknown-ness: I've never heard of this artist. But just from the cover, he appears to be a non-flashy, down to earth singer. And from the bio on the back, he seems to have an awe-shucks, lucky to be anywhere, history and just enjoyed what he did. Musically, I'm guessing some cutesy, heartfelt songs; nothing too catchy or bombastic, but talented just as much.

Album Review: “Little Arrows” wah wah guitar begins the song, but the vocals are smooth and have a very folk, camp fire feel. It feels a little like a Monkees song. It is a fun, bouncy pop song. I am reminded of the song “Little Boxes”, because the word “little” is heavily used in both songs. It is a very upbeat, rolling, catchy song.
“So Afraid” is a bass / country heavy oldie. The vocals are deep and smooth, reminding me of a less-smoky Johnny Cash. But the vocals glide along the melody like a lounge singer. He does break from the low bassy voice for a few measures with heightened emotion.
“Harper Valley PTA” has a country twang and matching bass and lyrical story lines. The story is fun about a mother that was shunned, and she comes back proving every member of the PTA was worse than she.
“I'll Be Your Baby Tonight” is more of a lazy swaggering cowboy trail song, fit with harmonica and side to side swaying guitar rhythm. Storyline included, it sounds like the singer’s a little drunk as he’s singing the song to some girl he just met in a bar.
“Where Has All the Love Gone” has the rhythm of an island cha-cha. It also could be mistaken for a Jimmy Buffet song. It is like a They Might Be Giants song, where the topic is sad and solemn, but the music is upbeat and danceable, but it is definitely not a TMBG song.
“My Girl Maria” is a quiet and vocal heavy waltz. This is what I imagine every vocal record at thrift shops to sound like.

“If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again” is an upbeat, travelling ballad. It has the driving drum beat of a train. It features strings in the background and horns to finish each verse. It has many orchestral elements, but they are not overused or abused. They just accent the song.
“Teresa” is a very Tom Jones styled love song to an individual girl. It’s not slow or fast, just honest, and bold, possessing confidence as well as vulnerablility.
“Little Green Apples” begins with guitar and tinkling bells. It is a quiet song, where you assume the vocals are sung at a closer distance to the microphone than the other songs on the album. The tempo is nearly the same as “Teresa,” the song right before it.
“Roly” is a rollicking, bouncy folk song. It is upbeat and fun, where you can easily anticipate the rhyme at the end of each stanza. It is a straightforward built song, including an instrumental section before it kicks back into the final verse.
“Senorita Jones” is a psychedelic pop song. It is very catchy and interesting. A different direction than the rest of the album, perhaps inspired by the music of the time, to seem relevant in an otherwise, standard vocalist world.

Stand Out Track: Little Arrows

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