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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adrenalin O.D. - Humungousfungusamongus

Name: Adrenalin O.D.
Album: Humungousfungusamongus
Year: 1986
Style: Punk / Hard Core
Similar Bands: Dead Milkmen, Descendents, Rage Against the Machine, Black Flag
"One-Word" Review: Youth-Aggression-Hard-Punk
Based Out Of: Elmwood Park, New Jersey
Label: Buy Our Records
Humungousfungusamongus - Cover & Sleeve
Humungousfungusamongus - Back & Sleeve
Humungousfungusamongus - Record

  1. Adrenalin O.C. vs. Son of Godzilla 1:39
  2. Office Building 1:12
  3. Yuppie 2:23
  4. The Answer 1:52
  5. Pope On a Rope 2:01
  6. Fishin' Musician 1:59
  7. Pizza-N-Beer 1:32
  8. Bugs 2:50
  9. Youth Blimp 2:20
  10. Commercial Cuts 2:00 /
  11. Survive 1:37
  12. Studio Banter 0:27
  13. Masterpiece 1:38
  14. Crowd Control 2:38
  15. Velvet Elvis 2:07
  16. Fuck the Neighbors 1:00
  17. Surfin' Jew 1:13
  18. Bruce's Lament 2:40
  19. The Nice Song in the Key of D 1:14
Album Rating (1-10): 8.0

Members & Other Bands:
Paul Richard - Guitar, Vocals (Kowalskis, SUX)
Bruce Wingate - Guitar (Bruce Wayne, International Brunch Mummies, Shyster Shyster & Flywheel, New Reagans, The Earls Of Sandwich, the TXT PSTLZ, Total Dick, District Allstarz)
Jack Steeples - Bass (Mental Decay, Kowalskis, SUX)
Dave Scott - Drums (Scrooge, Grimelord, Lucy's Trance, The Hybrids, November Charlie, The F-Pipes, The Rondos)
Chris Gerhinger - Mastering
Danny Grigsby - Engineering
Ron Akryama - Cover Photo
Angel Izquiero - Back Cover
AVR Composition - Art Direction
Jeffo - Poster & 7" photos

Unknownness: I believe I've heard of this band before, but I cannot say I've heard them. From the cover, and the screaming and fashion mish-mosh clad members, I'd imagine right off the bat that it is going to be silly punk music. Perhaps a bit pretentious too, not too sure. From the song titles, I imagine they were a bunch of development-raised kids with lots of free time on their hands. But I still expect the record to be pretty good!

Album Review: “Adrenalin O.C. vs. Son of Godzilla” Instrumental that sounds haunting at times and buzzing with all the force of a monster attack film, such as the title suggests. Full frontal hard core.
“Office Building” is a typical hard core song, with siren like guitars and shouting, rhythmic lyrics. The music reminds me the little I know about Rage Against the Machine.
“Yuppie” is like stepping off the ledge to a pit of sound and fury. The bursts of vocals break up the droning guitars and pounding drums as they direct the song.
“The Answer” has a wall of fuzz and distortion with a catchy guitar line underneath (like something Blink 182 copied and ruined). I like the time signature changed between the instrumental verses and the singing back up.
“Pope On a Rope” starts off with a start/stop new wave guitar sound, then it explodes and takes off into full sprint. But they come back to little sections of fun melodic guitar to balance the throttling.
“Fishin' Musician” is very heavy melodic, chord changing hard core. I can really see how much fun these songs would be to hear and see live.
“Pizza-N-Beer” is ridiculously annoying and juvenile beat-poetry, half sung to a faint bongo beat.
“Bugs” this, the longest song on the record is a fun speed-stomping and shouting exercise. A great song for a circle pit, with the fist pumping chorus of shouting BUGS BUGS! Halfway through the tempo slows down a bit for a general stomp march, which as expected, picks up for a sprint to the end with a return of the shouting chorus.
“Youth Blimp” is a fun punk song, a great and simple melody, reminds me a bit of the Descendents. It possesses a very empowering spirit.
“Commercial Cuts” continues with the simple and melodic melody, embedded in a group shout chorus that you must sing along with and cannot ignore. The commercial changes into a sillier, chaotic, unhinged promo about ice cream.

“Survive” is an all out hard core battle.
“Studio Banter” fuzz, noise, and as the title suggests, banter about setting up to record.
“Masterpiece” is an instrumental punk take on the popular classic “Masterpiece Theater” ballad.
“Crowd Control” shows how well the band can keep heavy thunderous guitar sound in check with melodic electric guitar to create something that is neither straight forward hard core nor punk; even if the singing lends itself toward hard core.
“Velvet Elvis” is downright monotone compared to the rest of the album, but this stays low in key and dark, yet it still as rapid-fire as everything else.
“Fuck the Neighbors” begins with feed back and a metal guitar solo that sets the tone for the anger and speed that follow
“Surfin' Jew” is nearly self explanatory: a surf-punk version of “Hava Nagila.”
“Bruce's Lament” is not all that slow, sad and depressing as laments go. It is, however, something I’d classify as speed-prog.
“The Nice Song in the Key of D” has a nice melody, and feels like a typical young punk song where the writer has too much free time, and nothing to do on his hands, so anarchy is the answer. This is the basic inspiration for the lyrics.

Stand Out Track: Youth Blimp

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